When and where?

This August 8-18 2013, 20 exceptional people will experience 10 days of action and growth as part of The Bold Academy San Francisco.

With a group of remarkable people who are hell-bent on using their gifts to serve the world, we’ll create one of the most productive and inspiring environments in the world. To cultivate this, we’ll all live a beautiful large house together.

Who is it for?

You take life by the balls. You have an insatiable thirst for learning and detest mediocrity. Failure and experimentation are your vehicles toward growth. You’re a proactive agent of your own life—things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. Now, you’re ready to be stretched, shaped, and polished, armed with the habits, values, courage, and community to boldly unleash your gifts on the world.

Application Process

Because our aim is to bring together the right mix of people who embody the Bold values and are ready to be pushed way outside their comfort zone, we’ve designed a rigorous two-round application process. The Bold team will work together to screen applicants through each round.

Round 1: The Talk.
We want to get to who you are and what you’ve done. The first step is the application form here.

Round 2: The Assignment.
We want to see how well you embrace Bold values like being vulnerable and leaning into fear, and how creative you are. If you get accepted to Round 2, we’ll assign you a fun project to work on.

Round 3: The Meet.

Meet the team through video interviews with Bold Academy staff. If you get accepted to Round 3, we’ll schedule a video interview with you.

Now: Applications are open!

There are 20 spots available. Applications are rolling so procrastination is your enemy and space is limited. Don’t delay!

The Curriculum

With an emphasis on experiential “learn-by-doing” learning, The Bold Academy curriculum takes you through a process of self-discovery to uncover truths, overcome barriers, and build the habits for a life of learning, growth, and success.

Learn more about the curriculum, outcomes, and values which shape our experience here.

Speakers and Mentors

You will get to know:

  • Entrepreneurs who know the art of risk-taking, failure, and modifying on the fly.
  • World-class storytellers who will teach authenticity and the art of personal narrative.
  • Superconnectors who know the art of building trust, credibility, and community.
  • Thought-leaders on nonconformity and the art of building non-traditional lives (and personal income streams).
  • Experienced investors who know what it takes to make a project or venture happen.
  • Yoga practitioners who specialize in real-world applications of the practice, including confidence, clarity, productivity, and focus.
  • And more.

August 2013 mentors are being confirmed in the coming weeks. See who’s on board so far here.

Adventures, Fitness, and Career Coaches

We believe a holistic approach to life and learning is the best route to success and fulfillment. That’s why we’ll have a personal trainer, yoga and meditation teacher, and career coach on staff. You can expect daily bootcamps that will whip you into shape, an ongoing yoga and meditation practice, and life/career support whenever you need it.


The cost of tuition is $6,500. Tuition covers housing, healthy food, all transportation in San Francisco, access to a personal trainer/nutritionist, access to a career coach, as well as numerous activities, classes, seminars, workshops, and adventures like cooking classes, dance lessons, yoga sessions, and other secret surprises.

If accepted, a $500 deposit (non-refundable) is due within seven days of the date of your acceptance in order to reserve your spot. Full and final payment is due 30 days from the date you are notified of your acceptance or by February 1st, whichever comes first.

If you cannot currently afford tuition, past Bolders have had success using a fundraising platform to raise funds for the experience.

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