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Bassam Tarazi is a passionate starter of projects, and a vigilant finisher. He wrote the book that your excuses don’t want you to read, The Accountability Effect. He blogs at ColIPerA (Collective Inspiration + Personal Accountability), where he talks about how to accomplish your goals, push through your doubt and opposition, and change your life for good. Bassam made a profound impact as a Mentor at July’s Bold Academy.

Bassam’s Bold Experience

If nothing else, I’m an intense and accountable guy. And The Bold Academy was essentially that in a month-long program for young adults trying to carve their path in life. When I was asked to present a workshop on goal setting, I jumped at the chance to be part of the Bold narrative. There are no better students than the curiously hungry and The Bold Academy was brimming with them.

I wish I had something like this when I was in my early 20′s, when I was questioning what it is I wanted to do and how I wanted to get there. Of course, at that age it’s easier to act like you have it all together when in fact we should be leaning on each other at times of exploration.

We need more vessels of group interaction, group accountability and group vulnerability. When you combine these 3 “anchors of doing”, you create a super cell of immersion and accomplishment. Too often we feel like we’re all alone and that no one can relate to us. The Bold Academy allows individuals to be part of a clan and to be part of it for long enough to build unbreakable bonds.

Although I was only at Bold for 12 hours, one of the great things to watch was the interaction between the Bolders at lunch. There was no “cool table” or cliques. You sat next to whoever happened to be next to you and you engaged in a conversation that befit the moment. It was the “shared existence” of the entire experience epitomized in a 30 snapshot of a random day.

My advice to those who want more out of life? Funny enough, I just wrote a post called: The Ultimate Guide To Getting Anything Done In 4 Weeks. In it I talk about needing to find the “why” before your “do”. What is the motivation that illuminates your identity? I talk about getting down and dirty and learning something instead of imagining what it might feel like when you do. So often in life we search for a passion as if it was hidden under a rock somewhere. Unfortunately, that’s not how passion works. One has to tinker. Tinker. Fail. Try. Be Bolder. Get good at something rare and useful and then use that skill to support the things you cherish in life. Sometimes it is about doing something you enjoy “enough” and keeping the ball moving forward, even it does feel a little bit like tacking in the wind.

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  • Bassam Tarazi August 31, 2012 at 12:58 PM Reply

    It was such a pleasure to be part of The Bold Academy!

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