You’re ready to unleash your gifts on the world.  You’re done settling for mediocrity.  You’re ready to live life to your full potential.

The Bold Experience

The Bold Academy is dedicated to closing the gap between who we are now and who we are capable of becoming.  Emerging world leaders live together under one roof for 10-days, in an immersive experience, with remarkable mentors and coaches from around the world, building a supportive community that cultivates personal fulfillment and societal impact. The Bold Experience combines personal coaching and mentorship, leadership training, entrepreneurial challenges, hands-on workshops, and health & wellness activities, that provide clarity, build confidence, and create productive habits and rituals, enabling you to shape your own path, and maximize your personal potential.

Our Values

The Bold Values, which we integrate into every aspect of our curriculum, will provide you with the knowledge, power and lifestyle to unleash your greatest potential:

  • Better self = Better world: to change the world, start with you
  • Vulnerability is Power: have the courage to be authentic
  • F*ck Mediocrity: we don’t have to do things the way we’ve been told
  • Lean Into Fear: fear is an indicator that you’re on the right path
  • Boldly Experiment: embrace uncertainty and realize what’s possible
  • Talk Less, Do More: you are what you consistently do
  • Real Time Feedback: describe reality without shame or blame

The Curriculum

With an emphasis on experiential “learn-by-doing” learning, The Bold Academy curriculum takes you through a process of self-discovery to uncover truths, overcome barriers, and build productive habits for a life of learning, growth, and success.

Our curriculum includes workshops led by experts in technology, entrepreneurship, business, social innovation, social media, marketing and communications, education, health, and the arts. Experiential entrepreneurial challenges take place in an intentional community that values health, wellness, and mindfulness.

The Bold Curriculum is broken down into key phases:

  • Self-discovery: Explore and understand who you are meant to be, expand on your personal vision and potential through your renewed sense-of-self, shift from “un-living” to intentional living
  • Sustainable action and goal-setting: A healthy life is dependent upon actionable plans, goal-setting and accountability, and finding productive daily habits to achieve success
  • Experimentation: Overcome resistance and lean into fear, take risks, learn by doing, realize what you’re capable of
  • Leadership: Become a strong, compassionate leader in your community and in your work; practice open communication and reflective listening, use vulnerability to share your personal story and vision
  • Health living and fitness: Align your mind, body and soul through yoga, meditation and breathing classes, fitness bootcamps, personal training, and an emphasis on healthy eating
  • Intentional community: Build a community of support and find the resources to live your boldest life, engage with a tribe of other changemakers that share your values, will hold you accountable to your dreams, and will help you change the world.


The Bold Experience is hell-bent on delivering outcomes you can grasp and use for the rest of your life. You will learn how to:

  • Overcome fear, take action, and plan a meaningful life course.
  • Spend your time in ways that energize and strengthen you.
  • Say no, communicate clearly, live with integrity and command respect.
  • Create habits and develop practices that enable you to perform at your best.
  • Establish a larger intention so you focus and make better decisions.
  • Learn to effectively network your way into opportunities that are aligned with your strengths and personal interests.
  • Design your own career path, whether traditional or unconventional.
  • Gain financial resources to get an idea off the ground, start a project, or launch a business.
  • Speak and carry yourself in a way that is powerful and authentic.
  • Identify and create work opportunities that are exciting, challenging, and strategic.
  • Tap into the power of risk-taking, experimentation, and failure to advance your career and personal growth.
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle to maintain energy, focus, and do your best work.
  • Build a deeply supportive and intentional community of peers that will help you reach your full potential in the years to come.

Read testimonials from Bold 2013’s class of bad-ass Bolders. Their Bold experiences have given them the courage to start new career-paths, the clarity to embrace their truth, and the courage to lean into their greatest fears in order to reach their greatest potential.

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