Bold Mentors

Bold Mentors are a passionate group of culture catalysts, entrepreneurs, wellness leaders, creators, artists, and visionaries eager to share their knowledge, mistakes, dreams, and lessons.

We’ll be announcing more mentors in the coming weeks. Here’s who we have confirmed so far.

Justin Rosenstein

Justin Rosenstein | Bold Academy
Justin Rosenstein is the co-founder of Asana, along with Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. Asana builds software to help organizations coordinate their collective action without effort, providing key communication infrastructure to companies like Twitter, Airbnb, and Foursquare.

Justin has led the development of products that hundreds of millions of people use daily. At Facebook, he was the tech lead for projects including the Like button and Facebook Pages, and designed the in-house project management system that Facebook relies on to this day. At Google, he product-managed several projects in the communication/collaboration division, and created the initial prototype for Gmail Chat.

Justin majored in Math and got part way through a Master’s in Computer Science at Stanford. He is also a serious student of yoga, meditation, and cats.

Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta | Bold Academy
Amit Gupta is an entrepreneur who likes to make fun on the internet. He dropped out of college to start his first company, The Daily Jolt, during the first internet bubble. He moved to NYC to work with Seth Godin on ChangeThis. While in NYC, he camped out in Times Square overnight, organized tech conferences, lived in a commune for a month, and appeared on the Today Show. One year ago, Amit was diagnosed with Leukemia. Thanks to the internet, the generosity of strangers, great doctors, and courageous attitude he’s feeling more alive than ever.

He started Photojojo, the awesomest photography newsletter and online store in the whole wide world, in April of 2006… and has thought of little else since. He loves to get email from awesome people. Find him at

Ann Badillo

Ann has been a leading business strategist and acceleration coach to Silicon Valley executives and entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. She is an expert in guiding leaders to create momentum, credibility and influence across organizations. She delivers powerful business acceleration programs that produce true innovation and creativity. Her clients are innovators from Apple, Google, Cisco, SGI, Skype, and Stanford. Ann has previously served in leadership roles with early round start ups and at the Knowhere Store, a leading-edge think tank in Palo Alto, which licensed its processes, methods, and environments to CGEY Accelerated Solution Environments and the World Economic Forum. Ann is committed to working with emerging leaders who are guided by heart and head. She has curated two sites dedicated to strategy and leadership for the 21st century, which is a synthesis of many disciplines including systems theory, complexity theory, compassion training, warriorship, and deep renewal.

Ann led business and strategy workshops at The Bold Academy.

Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan | Bold Academy
Alex is an associate at San Francisco-based venture capital firm Alsop Louie Partners and the author of a highly anticipated business book being released by Crown Publishers (Random House, Inc.).

At the age of 19, Banayan was named “the world’s youngest venture capitalist” by Business Insider and was selected by Dell as one of the top 100 world changers in entrepreneurship who use technology to empower and inspire others.

Having been featured in major media including Forbes, Businessweek, and CBS News, Banayan is a leader of the next generation of entrepreneurs and is a popular contributor to The Washington Post, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, and The Huffington Post.

Banayan, the youngest business author in Crown’s history, is writing an upcoming book that will focus on surprising insights and practical advice from some of the world’s most successful people on how they launched their careers before they were well known. When they were still underdogs – before they had track records and before anyone would give them the light of day – how did these people find the side door, break-in, and propel their careers?

World champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard has declared that, “Banayan’s book will change people’s lives. Never before has there been a collaboration, in this format, of some of the world’s most successful people. This book can truly change the world.”

Per Håkansson

per header

Since Per realized at a very young age that you can do pretty much whatever you want in life, he has in full. Per started his journey in Sweden and followed his curiosity by moving to Austria, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Barcelona, London and San Francisco. To date he has worked, lived or studied in 80+ countries and the list keeps growing.

Per has always looked for opportunities to explore, to try new things and to do things better independently of what is considered in-vogue. It’s born out of the idea that life is short, few things matter and the present should be fully embraced. Neither the past or the future exist.

Per’s entrepreneurial journey started with selling second-hand Christmas trees at the age of nine and has progressed in bursts of clarity and chaos via his university startup and a slew of other more famous ventures (Icon Medialab, Yahoo! and Blurb). Today he’s running a portfolio of new ventures and projects including guest lectures and workshops for Hyper Island.

Per and his family of four lives a purposeful life designed around everyday passions, insatiable curiosity and creating shared value. How he got there is the story he will tell at Bold.

Nathaniel Whittemore

Nathaniel Whittemore | Bold Academy
Nathaniel Whittemore would like your permission to break the convention of the 3rd person biography and just speak with you directly. Permission granted? Great. Hi, I’m Nathaniel.

Mark Twain once wrote: “Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man. The biography of the man himself cannot be written.” At least, he might have – you never know with quotes attributed to Twain…Still, the sentiment rings true, and since I’m the author of this particular act of construction, I’d like to advance that I’ve spent the “professional” part of my young life trying to uncover what’s under the “clothes and buttons,” so to speak, and help myself and the people around me channel that core to lead the lives they’re meant to lead.

I’m not much on career, but I’m big on vocation. I started trying to discover mine by designing global immersion programs for students passionate about social change at my alma matter, Northwestern University. That led me to become the founding editor of the Social Entrepreneurship portal for a little-now-big company called, and to begin to think about culture shift at scale. After that, I messed up a startup or two and was a venture capitalist for a year before recently leaving to follow a new true north and cofound Instigator, a wine for entrepreneurs, provocateurs, and boundary pushers of all stripes.

The common thread is that I fully buy the notion that what the world needs most is for each of us to come alive. My mission, more or less, is to amplify and accelerate that process.

George Zisiadis

George Zisiadis | Bold Academy
George creates inspiring, interactive experiences that subvert and transcend everyday reality. He combines a background in sociology, expertise in user experience design, and passion for public art to conceive and execute projects that positively reshape people’s interactions with the world. His work’s been experienced by thousands in person and featured in The New Yorker, Wired, and Fast Company among other supposedly reputable sources. He also believes in empowering others to be their creative best. He serves as proud trustee of The Awesome Foundation, co-founder of the Imperfect Film Festival, and creator of Side Project Society. Born and raised in New York City, educated at Harvard, he is currently exploring San Francisco. Past adventures include cycling 4,000 miles across USA, CouchSurfing through 18 countries in Europe, and leading adventure trips in Peru.

Nisha Moodley

Nisha is a former foodaholic, shopaholic and workaholic, turned freedom junkie, who’s dedicated her life to being a champion of women’s freedom. She believes with her whole heart that when women cultivate our own intrinsic (inner) freedom and extrinsic (worldly) freedom, we can be awesome change-makers on the planet.

Through her company, Fierce Fabulous & Free, she leads communities of women on adventures worldwide to create a clear visions for the future, helping design their lives and work to align fully with those visions.

Ben Tseitlin

Ben Tseitlin | Bold Academy
Ben spends his days making delicious & healthy chocolates, and teaching people to make chocolate at home. But, his life is all about celebrating his own personal passions, building a life around them, and inspiring others to do the same. He founded Benchic Chocolate in 2009 and designed a chocolate-making class in 2011 that he has been teaching in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Nothing is more exciting to Ben than learning and the opportunity to meet new people who are busy pursing their passions. He used to profile entrepreneurs on TechCrunch in his spare time, because he loves hearing other people’s stories and what it is that drives them to follow their dreams.

Sarah Peck

Sarah Kathleen Peck | Bold Academy
Sarah is a writer, designer, and storyteller. Her research and practice lies between landscape architecture, technology, psychology, and strategy, allowing her to merge her passions for storytelling and narrative with landscape architecture and spatial design. Interested in the tools with which designers communicate their ideas and the influence that architects have on both our immediate and future environments, her work today looks at the power of our messages in shaping futures and ideas. Sarah works in communication and design at SWA Group, an international landscape architecture and urban design firm, and is the founder of the award-winning Landscape Urbanism website and journal. She is the co-editor of the IDEAS publication and was previously the assistant editor for VIA, Penn Design’s book series. She is also a 20-time NCAA All American swimmer and has successfully done the Escape from Alcatraz swim seven times.

Matthew Brimer

Matthew Brimer | Bold Academy
Matthew co-founded General Assembly and leads global partnerships and business development. He is responsible for many of the key partnerships General Assembly has created with Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, General Electric, PepsiCo, Viacom, JP Morgan, Facebook, Amazon, and McKinsey. His passion for online + offline education and community-building has helped thousands of talented students develop the mindsets and skills in technology, business, and design needed to succeed in an increasingly digital environment. Brimer was most recently named to Vanity Fair’s “The Next Establishment”, Inc Magazine’s “30 Under 30”, and Business Insider’s “Silicon Alley 100”.

Prior to General Assembly, Brimer founded and managed several startups, including PickTeams and Aloysius Properties. Brimer holds a BA in Sociology from Yale University and currently lives in New York City.

Geada Ford

Geada is a Brand-thropologist. She create cultures, places where brands live, by mixing together her knowledge of branding and design with what real people feel, need and want in a lighthearted way. Upon her return from circumnavigating the globe solo, she came back to face the recession and made a decision to start her own business. While working with women focused brands (Martha Stewart, Victoria’s Secret, to name a few) Geada realized she could make more of an impact working with entrepreneurs who are looking at our economy differently and creating cultures outside of the norm. Since then, she has worked with some of the best talent this country has to offer including re-branding the business maven Marie Forleo, soon after she became Creative Director for the company. Her goal is to create a badass world that she wants to live in and to create a culture worth spreading.

Eden Full

Eden Full | Bold Academy
Eden Full is the Founder of Roseicollis Technologies Inc. She studied for two years at Princeton University and is currently taking gap years to work on her start-up full time after being selected for the inaugural class of the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship. Named one of the 30 under 30 in Forbes’ Energy category for 2012 and Ashoka’s Youth Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Eden founded Roseicollis Technologies Inc. to take her solar panel tracking invention called the SunSaluter to developing communities and established markets that need them. The SunSaluter won the Mashable/UN Foundation Startups for Social Good Challenge and was awarded the runner-up prize at the 2011 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. While at Princeton, Eden initiated and curated TEDxPrincetonU. Proudly Canadian, she was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. After coxing for the Princeton lightweight women’s team, Eden was selected to be the coxswain for the 2012 Rowing Canada’s senior women’s development team, where they won a gold medal at Holland Beker and the Remenham Challenge Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta, beating the German Olympic boat.

Teju Ravilochan

Teju is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Unreasonable Institute. He wants to live in a world where every human being can be the master of his or her own fate, unbound by the chains of poverty, oppression, or injustice. To him, entrepreneurship, coming from French for “to take into one’s own hands,” gets at that fundamental human drive to rule our destinies. And when that drive is used to empower others to do the same, I believe no force can be more powerful.

Teju gave a talk at The Bold Academy about how to treat others with respect at all times.

Olivia Coleman

Olivia Coleman | Bold Academy
Olivia is a born seeker, singer and stargazer. She is happiest when she’s flowing in art, meditation or conversation. Before moving to San Francisco in 2011, Olivia cultivated a freelance career in ghost/copy/blog writing and content curation while traveling for two years in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Central America. Her clients include yogis, artists, social entrepreneurs and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Olivia blogs of her personal mindfulness journey on Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Lilian Cheung’s website, Savor: Mindful Eating Mindful Life.

Olivia is enamored by her fellow humans. She loves to hear their stories and support the expression of their gifts.

John Pierre

John is a nutrition and fitness consultant who trains celebrities (watch him train Ellen DeGeneres) and rock-stars, and has devoted more than a quarter century to improving the lives of others through his expertise in the areas of nutrition, fitness, women’s empowerment, green living, and cognitive strength and improvement. A dedicated activist, John works with people of all ages promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, stress reduction, physical fitness, and the importance of compassion in life.

Danny Alexander

Danny Alexander is a designer and strategist, an entrepreneur and explorer. He’s currently an Innovator in Residence at and a Partner at Who Gives A Crap. He’s also on the faculty of SVA’s forthcoming Design for Social Innovation program and sits on the Board of Advisors for Design Impact and Digital Democracy. In past lives he’s founded Black and Blue Design in Argentina and served as Chief of Product Design at Liga Masiva, Trustee of the Awesome Foundation NY, Design Specialist at Catapult Design and Shapeshifter at Method. He’s also consulted on design and social innovation projects with clients ranging from Plum Organics to IDEO. In eighth grade he pitched a no-hitter.

Daniel Cohen

Dan’s passion lies at the intersection of design and social good. He is the founder of Collective Good, a philanthropic organization that creates collaboration between designers and non-profits through a wide variety of projects and events. Collective Good supports various causes, from clean water initiatives and animal rescue, to arts education and environmental issues. Dan is also the Social Impact Chair on the board of the San Francisco chapter of the AIGA and works very closely with the team at the San Francisco arts non-profit, The Imagine Bus Project. For the past 7 years, Dan has been working at Apple on the marketing communications team as a creative producer, managing projects around packaging and the retail store experience.

When he is not trying to save the world through good design, you can find him taking photos around SF, or hiking the trails of the Bay Area. Dan loves coffee, is obsessed with mint chip ice cream, and owns over 30 pairs of sneakers.

MeiMei Fox

MeiMei Fox | Bold Academy
MeiMei Fox is the published author, co-author, ghostwriter, and freelance editor of numerous non-fiction books, articles, and blogs. Most recently, she wrote Bend, Not Break with Ping Fu and the New York Times bestseller Fortytude with Sarah Brokaw. She has edited books by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Columbia professor Robert Thurman, and was Expedition Writer for Alexandra Cousteau’s global environmental voyage in 2009. Currently, she is writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel, a psychological thriller movie, and a TV series with her husband, filmmaker Kiran Ramchandran. In addition, MeiMei is a depth psychotherapy-trained life coach and certified yoga instructor.

Ted Gonder

Ted Gonder | Bold Academy
Ted is the co-founding Executive Director of Moneythink, a White-House-recognized social venture delivering financial life-skills and entrepreneurship education to urban teens through peer-mentoring and pop-culture curricula. Ted is also an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Department of Homeland Security, advising the Obama administration on immigration policy for foreign entrepreneurs. He was a Geography student and College Honors Scholar at the University of Chicago, and graduated in June 2012. Ted founded the UChicago Entrepreneurship Society and was appointed the Director of Strategy for the Kairos Society, a global student entrepreneurship network. (Photo credit to

Mentors from Bold Academy Boulder

Robert Egger

Robert is the author of Begging for Change and the Founder and President of the DC Central Kitchen, the country’s first “community kitchen,” where food donated by hospitality businesses and farms is used to fuel a nationally recognized culinary arts job training program, where unemployed men and women learn marketable skills while donations are converted into balanced meals. Since opening in 1989, the Kitchen has produced over 25 million meals and helped 1,000 men and women gain full time employment. The Kitchen operates its own revenue generating business, Fresh Start Catering, as well as the Campus Kitchens Project, which coordinates similar recycling and meal programs in 30 college or high school based kitchens. In Washington, Robert was the founding Chair of both the Mayor’s Commission on Nutrition and Street Sense, Washington’s “homeless” newspaper. He was also the Co-Convener of the first Nonprofit Congress, held in Washington DC in 2006. Robert was included in the Non Profit Times list of the “50 Most Powerful and Influential” nonprofit leaders from 2006-2009.

Robert spoke at The Bold Academy about the power of saying yes, being bold, and planning a business around a purpose.

Caroline McCarthy

Caroline leads influencer marketing and industry events strategy for Google+, following half a decade as a journalist, columnist, and TV commentator covering the digital media frontier for CNET and CBS. She was named to Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30 in Media” list in December 2011. Outside the office, she is a travel freak, avid runner, and hiking enthusiast who will climb anything from a volcano (preferably extinct) to a snow-covered peak. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her cat, Caterpillar.

Caroline led a session with the Bolders on “intrapreneurship.”

Michael Woods

Michael is the founder and president of Baywood Capital Corporation. He has developed, operated, and managed successful commercial, residential, and hospitality properties primarily in Northern California. A native Californian, Michael grew up in San Francisco and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from San Francisco State University. Over the past ten years, he has recognized the human value to business by developing close relationships with staff, partners, and owners. This synergistic approach creates a work environment that is personally and financially rewarding. His creative spirit has led him to dedicate more of his energy and time to value-centric projects like developing his eco-resort Avalon Springs, which fosters prosperity while supporting health, wellness, and balance. Michael currently serves as Vice-Chairman of the Napa Valley Destination Council whose mission is to protect and enhance the Napa Valley’s position in North America.

Michael mentored Bolders on how to approach business.

Daniel Epstein

Daniel is the Founder of Unreasonable Institute, Unreasonable Adventures, and Unreasonable at Sea. A fundamental belief that entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all the issues we face today has shaped Daniel’s life. By the time he received his degree in philosophy from University of Colorado-Boulder, he’d already started three companies. Today he is recognized by Forbes as one of the top 30 most impactful entrepreneurs, focused on leveraging eco-tourism markets as an international tool for development, and as an international accelerator and seed stage investor in entrepreneurs working to alleviate social and environmental issues globally. Daniel is a self-identified misfit and enjoys nothing more than seeking refuge among fellow misfits and entrepreneurs. He also has an overt love for the outdoors, enjoys walking his dog Kaya more than any other pastime, and he struggles to take himself too seriously.

Daniel gave a talk at The Bold Academy on making the ask when it comes to seeking support for a new venture.

Bassam Tarazi

Bassam is the creator of a motivational framework called Colipera, which utilizes the notion of collective inspiration and personal accountability: together, be better. He conducts goal-setting classes, corporate, and group Colipera sessions, and one on one coaching through his 5-9 Maximization program. He is the author of The Accountability Effect and is currently the Director of Operations for Omnibuild, a construction management firm. He is also a co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Nomading Film Festival, a festival aimed at travelers who film their journeys. He recently co-created Magnet, a New York City based networking event that creates relationships and connects ideas.

Bassam’s personal motto is: Live. Love. And Never Stop Learning. He led sessions at The Bold Academy around accountability and motivation.

On Twitter: @bassamtarazi

Miriam Zoll

Miriam facilitates trainings that inspire leaders, businesses, and institutions to tackle the tough issues of our times with mindfulness, clarity, and intention. Integrating 20 years of expertise in communications, yoga, and public policy, she guides clients through reflective processes that result in transformative change. Over the years, she has worked with United Nations agencies, non-profit organizations, universities, foundations, and individuals. Miriam is the founding co-producer of the Ms. Foundation for Women’s Take Our Daughters (and Sons) To Work program, an event held annually since 1993.

Miriam led sessions around leadership, self-awareness, and “bio mechanics” writing at The Bold Academy.

Andrew Hewitt

Andrew was driven to make a difference after he witnessed hordes of his talented university friends strive for success in high status careers, only to find themselves numbed by meaningless work routines and disheartened by the profit-at-all-cost corporate mentality. Andrew’s most recent initiative is creating a bold upgrade to the “Fortune 500” standard of success. It’s called the GameChangers 500 — a list that profiles organizations that are reinventing the world and redefining the rules of business around fun, fulfillment and fairness to all life.

Andrew gave a talk on his vision for the next generation to join a new breed of heart-centered organizations that are not just good at making money but are also good at making the world a better place.

Charlotte Millar

Charlotte is a path finder and guide. She loves helping others discover their higher purpose and their shining potential. She stands by their side as they break through personal and professional challenges so they can put their new found clarity to work in creating innovative solutions to the stuck systemic problems of our time. She seeks to do this at scale through her work in the Finance Innovation Lab, Tasting the Future, and Common Cause. Her foundation is freedom — freeing herself, her collaborators, and our wider human family from old, unhealthy, and increasingly irrelevant patterns of living. She is discovering that her passion is working with young visionaries to help them let go of their fear, step into their higher selves, and to work with them in creating the solutions that will allow many others to shift to a more equitable, meaningful and sustainable way of living.

Charlotte mentored Bolders on stewarding large-scale system transformation, core team development, and planning.

Buster Benson

Buster is on an 11-year path of build­ing tech­nol­ogy to im­prove peo­ples’ lives. He started at’s Per­son­al­iza­tion and Rec­om­men­da­tions team, build­ing one of the first truly per­son­al­ized ex­pe­ri­ences on the web. Buster co-founded The Robot Co-op (most fa­mous for, sold to Ama­zon), a site that helps you pub­licly share your life list and find peo­ple try­ing to ac­com­plish similar things. In 2006, he de­toured from web tech­nol­ogy and co-founded a members-only tech­nol­ogy-in­spired art gallery, bar, and event space in Seat­tle called McLeod Res­i­dence. Other pro­jects in­clude build­ing Lo­ca­vore, an iPhone app that helped users find fruits and veg­eta­bles in sea­son (sold to Hevva Corp), and, a pri­vate jour­nal­ing tool based on the idea of writ­ing three pages a day. This led to his cur­rent mis­sion: cre­at­ing a per­son­al­ized health-im­prove­ment wiz­ard through Habit Labs. He also has made a man­i­festo for extraor­di­nary living.

Buster led a workshop on habit and behavior change.

Hannah du Plessis & Marc Rettig

Hannah completed her Masters in Design Methodology at IIT’s Institute of Design, and pursued a career in design research and strategy. She currently works at Fit Associates LLC as a designer, researcher, educator, and facilitator. Her interest lies in the co-creation process and belief in humanity’s ability to sense and create thriving futures. Hannah has taught design at the School of the Art institute in Chicago, the University of Pretoria, and Cedim in Mexico.

Marc is the founding principal of Fit Associates LLC, which uses research, facilitation, cultural immersion, and coaching to connect organizational cultures to life outside the cubicles and to their own core conversation. Increasingly, Fit is turning toward work that starts explicitly with a social situation or social question, as opposed to a business or product question. He has taught design at Carnegie Mellon University and the Institute of Design at IIT, and he’s currently on the faculty of the Masters in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of the Visual Arts.

Hannah and Marc led a workshop called the Epic Journey to explore our interior landscapes.

Evan Walden

Evan is a connector. He finds deep satisfaction in helping people find what they’re looking for, whether it’s a new direction, a key introduction, or most recently, a job. After working in corporate sales, Evan noticed that many of the people around him lived with a gap between their values and their work. This led him to co-found ReWork, a company that connects bright, accomplished, and passionate people with companies that are making the world a better place. Evan has honed an ability to rapidly develop rapport when meeting people for the first time. This skill leads to unpredictable opportunities, and he believes that this is more science than luck.

Evan facilitated a session on how to authentically build rapport when meeting people for the first time, and how to approach networking with the intention of creating a genuine human connection.

On Twitter: @itsevanwalden

Tamara Connell

Tamara is a self-pronounced sustainability and leadership nerd. Through facilitated trainings, games, simulations, and workshops, she helps people to see the interconnectedness of the world and our underlying mental models. She enjoys subtly (and not so subtly) pulling leaders out of their comfort zones to see what they can really become. She’s stewarded about 250 talented graduates through their Master’s degree in Sweden, and strategically navigated the Swedish educational system and bureaucracy to lead the school to be recognized as best in Sweden for sustainability education. She’s taught around the world, including in Canada, France, China, and on the Peace Boat’s 74th global voyage.

Tamara led sessions at The Bold Academy on strategy and systems thinking as well as sensing our systems.

On Twitter: @tamaraconnell

Daviea Davis

Daviea is a self taught Master Glass Mosaic Artist. She works with 100 percent salvaged stained glass and mirror scrap to produce unique and colorful lasting mosaics. Her work is beloved in homes, businesses, and libraries all over Pittsburgh, including two wall-sized installations at the Pittsburgh International Airport. She loves to instigate community mosaics, to teach and share the joy of glass, and to offer up distractions to any and all from anything they would rather not be doing.

Daviea led a glass mosaics class at The Bold Academy.

Tobias Rose-Stockwell

Tobias is the creator of multiple social ventures focusing on economic development and technology affecting social change. A designer by training, Tobias founded Human Translation in 2004, a nonprofit dedicated to translating awareness into humanitarian action. As a young leader in grassroots initiatives, Tobias worked to build the base of a replicable economic program which has helped villagers use improved incomes to purchase services in clean water, health care, and literacy. For this work with the rural poor, Tobias was recognized as an Unsung Hero by the 14th Dalai Llama in 2009. His work in Cambodia continues with funding from UNDP and AusAid. Tobias has been active in developing large-scale technologies dedicated to improving transparency and information exchange in the social sector, and runs a design consultancy for tech companies building world-changing ideas into products.

Tobias spoke at The Bold Academy about finding a career path through hard work and openness.

Jordan Grader

Jordan is passionate about sharing stories, inspiration, and education that create harmony in individuals, in communities, and on the planet. She is a radical optimist and filmmaker working towards making a diverse economy of ideas and tools in the intersection of science, spirituality, and systems thinking accessible to all people, so that we can create a thriving, sustainable society from our inside out. She is currently producing Culture of Choice, an online educational media project that shares stories about the emerging culture and tools to be the change for a better world. In 2011, Jordan co-founded The Happiness Institute, a collaboratory studio space in San Francisco intended to bring space, structure, and support for people to discover what makes them come alive. The Happiness Institute provides opportunities for direct experience and deep connection, through which we can access boundless creativity, realize true human potential, and manifest our social potential together.

Jordan interviewed Bolders for a documentary that she is working on.

Evan Steiner

Evan works as the Manager of Special Projects for the HUB Bay Area, HUB Ventures, HUB Cities, and SOCAP. The four business units work in tandem to build infrastructure for the social enterprise and impact investing sectors, driving social innovation and impact at scale. Evan creates programs and content that work across all business units, helping to build a pipeline of people, ideas, and capital. Through educational series, conferences, accelerators, parties, speaker events, hackathons, competitions, and a myriad of other types of structures, Evan brings together multi-disciplinary groups to address some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. His professional background represents a myriad of experiences and passions including entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, education, music, and health and wellness. Evan has a B.S. in music and a Masters in environmental management.

Evan led a workshop on how contemplative traditions, yoga, and entrepreneurship intersect.

Jump Group

Jump Group is a brand new improvisational theater troupe performing in the Boulder and Denver area of Colorado. A mix of seasoned professionals and improv newcomers, Jump mixes and matches styles, themes, and energy levels to bring you an unforgettable show. We focus on core improv and explore themes and topics in all directions. We JUMP, because we have no fear.

Jump Group, made up of Tom Barr, Mark Andreas, Brendon Lemon, and Andrew Zimmer, performed and taught improv at The Bold Academy.

Health Coaches

We believe a holistic approach to life and learning is the best route to success and fulfillment. That’s why the four weeks in Boulder included extra-curricular adventures such as cooking classes, dance lessons, yoga, camping, rock-climbing, and wilderness hikes, among other things.

Matt Bercovitch

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Matt was very involved in athletics at a young age. While playing quarterback for the football team and pitching for the baseball team, it was not long before he was introduced to home cookin’. Matt’s father, a man who is very passionate about food, was Matt’s primary inspiration to become a chef. From cooking Rice Krispie treats and doughnuts at his grandma’s house to grilling pork chops, Matt and his father shared their love of cooking throughout Matt’s life. At the age of fifteen, Matt began working at a gourmet restaurant called Scrapa’s. He graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado with an associate’s degree in applied science in culinary arts. In his thirteen years of experience, Matt has built and opened restaurants, cooked for the Denver Broncos, and served 42,000 Kosher meals in eleven weeks for a children’s camp two years in a row. Matt now shares his passion for good food and good people with Mountain Berry Culinary, where he creates nourishing meals for schools and kids’ camps.

Matt was the head chef at the Bold Manor for The Bold Academy.

Shannan Donovan

Love at first sweat, Shannan wandered into a hot yoga class in 1996 that set in motion a journey still unfolding. Transforming both her body and mind, Shannan committed to her calling in 2001 when she moved to Asheville, North Carolina and signed on for an intensive, yearlong teacher training with the highly respected Vinyasa flow instructor Stephanie Keach. Shannan headed to Los Angeles to train with Bikram Choudry and earn accreditation as a Bikram Yoga instructor. From Bikram, she continued adding to her Yoga Alliance hours, and her style, by studying with Shiva Rae, Shawn Corn, and Bryan Kest. The concept of evolving exists as the central tenet behind Shannan’s approach to her studio, her students, and her self. Promoting the mantra “practice not perfect,” Shannan’s manner balances playfulness with discipline, openness with boundaries, guiding with allowing, and stretching with integration. Shannan continually experiments with the dynamic dialogue between physical patterns of holding and release, inner truth, and the content and boundaries of our life experiences.

Shannan led a workshop on becoming congruent in body, mind, spirit and heart in order to find an inner joy that becomes the spring board for life’s adventure.

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