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The Bold Academy is an opportunity to integrate your brand into an immersive experience unlike any other. Our audience of Bolders — at the Academy and beyond — is inspired by companies who give a damn. If you care deeply about meeting the needs of this generation, we’re excited to introduce you to this audience by sharing our insights and creatively weaving your brand into our programming and narrative.

We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities available at levels to suit your needs and interests.
And your help would put the wind in our capes.

Interested? Contact Amber Rae: amber@boldacademy.com.

For Individuals and Foundations

If you’re like us, you care deeply about the world we live in — and you share our belief that unleashing the potential of the millions of passionate, capable seekers of change will transform it for the better.

The myriad problems we face today go unsolved not because too few people care, because there’s too little motivation, or because people aren’t capable — rather, it’s because those brilliant individuals don’t get the support they need to unearth their inner superhero. Each of us can put on a cape and change the world when we know what our passion is, what fulfills us, and how to practically align our gifts with the needs of our society and our environment. In a world where the Millennial generation is hungry for purpose, and people of all ages are thirsting to create lives of meaning, fulfillment, and impact, Bold exists to close The Greatness Gap. It’s how we’re planning to change the world — and we’d love to have you involved.

To sponsor an individual Bolder, to support The Bold Academy as a whole, or to help us expand our vision and our impact as we look beyond the Academy this February — let us know!

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