What's stopping you? That's right. Nothing.  Photo Credit: Paxson Woelber

The Bold Academy is a life-accelerator designed to arm you with the habits, values, courage, and community to overcome obstacles and boldly unleash your gifts on the world.

We have one mission: to help you lead the life you’ve always wanted to live, not the one you’re “supposed” to live.

The world in which we currently live defines “success” as abiding by the status quo. We are expected to follow a conventional track, which oftentimes rejects peoples’ thirst for adventure and passion for authenticity. We’ve replaced the big questions which challenge us, with the little questions which placate us.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to explore what their true journey is; to have the time and space to discover not the path expected of them, but the winding, chaotic, wonderful, terrible, treacherous, tremulous, and ultimately joyous path that is distinctly and entirely for them.

This unbridled search for the truth, and the potential you’ll discover within yourself, is Bold.

The Bold Academy is an experience designed to help people discover their true path, whatever it may be. We give potential-packed individuals the space and support to begin and embrace their true journey. With Bold as your way, entrepreneurs turn into chefs; chefs turn into musicians; musicians turn into coders; coders turn into strategists, sailors, and sommeliers. Beyond what you’ll become, is who you will become.

So the big question remains: who are you meant to be, what do you need to get there, and what are you going to do about it?


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